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"Heidi spoke at our Grandparents' Day celebration which included students K-12, parents, and grandparents. She took our theme, "Discover Your Story," and spoke about the powerful influence a grandparent can have in the life of their grandchildren. She connected immediately with our community through her discussion on the life of Fanny Crosby and beautifully wove the gospel throughout. We look forward to hearing from her again!"


~Rachel M.

Director of Communications and Development

Barrington Christian Academy





For a woman's heart ~ Real Women. Boundless Grace. Embracing Who God Made You To Be

In this talk, I highlight how God used my debut novel, "Freedom's Ring," as a way to heal me from long-held, debilitating fear. Using examples from my own life and in my novel, I explore what it really means to walk in grace and trust Jesus, even in the midst of our trials. 


For a mother's heart ~ Grasping Grace:  Freedom In Parenting Beneath the Gospel

As a mom of two very active boys, there is not much that surprises me anymore. Do-it-yourself beach pail urinals? Seen it. Race car legos speeding down a heating vent? Yup, been there. Nerf gun bullets in the eye, brother in a headlock, screaming toddler in the grocery store...you get the picture. And all around us, the world (and sometimes even the church) is telling us mothers that our most important job is to raise "good" kids. Happy kids. Well-rounded kids. But if we look at what the Bible tells us, our primary responsibility is not to produce awesome kids (though who wouldn't want that?!), it is to lead them to God's throne of grace each and every day. Let's explore what parenting beneath the freedom of the gospel looks like.


For a believer’s heart ~ Self-forgetfulness: Forgetting Oneself in a World of Selfies

As women, we long for approval. We want to feel beautiful. To be pursued. We want approval from our husbands, our children, our co-workers, and friends. We sometimes draw attention to ourselves hoping others will affirm us. But what are we trying to attain? In this talk, we'll look at how true freedom is found not in our accomplishments, but in forgetting about ourselves altogether. 


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